On the territory of SSU there is a complex of public catering, which organizes meals for students, lecturers, university staff and others. citizens. Thanks to it, even if you come from afar to submit documents - You and Your child can always have a snack.


The nearest objects, for entrants and students majoring in 132 Material Science:


University canteen (designed for 274 seats), cafeterias of Main and New buildings with hot food and buffet (60 and 40 seats respectively), buffets in the premises of educational buildings, additionally objects in the Separate structural group that may be needed during training:

cafeteria in the dormitory-hotel (38/2 Prokofieva Street) - 34 seats,

coffee club of the scientific library (9/1 Pokrovska Street) - 35 seats.

There is a menu with a wide range for you: first courses, side dishes, meat and fish dishes, salads, juices, tea, coffee, delicious pastries and sweet desserts. The average cost of lunch is 30-35 hryvnias.

Students are offered a set lunch of an average cost of UAH 25-30 - it can be ordered upon presentation of a student ticket.

Work schedule:


The university canteen is open daily (except weekends) from 9.00 to 15.00.

The cafeteria and the buffet in the Central building of SSU are open every Saturday.


Ukraine, Sumy 40007, 
2, Rymskogo-Korsakova st.,
Sumy State University, 
Central Building, Room 202, 
The Department of Applied Material Science and Technology of Constructional Materials

Phone: +38 0542-64-09-49
E-mail: info@pmtkm.sumdu.edu.ua

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