Today we are a friendly team of like-minded people. Our dear students and we are improving every day, each student is our family; our research and development, achievements and victories, academic mobility of students and internships; our own laboratory and Research Study Manufacturing Center.

Every year we win prizes in the All-Ukrainian students’ scientific papers contests and in the All-Ukrainian Olympiads in academic disciplines, areas of training, specialties.

Our employees are constantly published in publications indexed by Scopus and Web of Science Core Collection databases.

The Department cooperates with partners from Ukraine and the world, in particular the Czech Republic and Slovakia, is a permanent partner in joint projects under international grant programs.

The Department actively implements long-term and short-term programs of international academic mobility of its students and staff (with scholarship and grant support). Since 2020, there is a postgraduate course, there is a special academic council for the defense of thesises. There are both state budget research works and scientific contracts.

Training of bachelors and masters is carried out in the following specialty 132 “Material Science” in accordance with the subject area “Engineering and Technology”, “Mechanical engineering”.



Ukraine, Sumy 40007, 
2, Rymskogo-Korsakova st.,
Sumy State University, 
Central Building, Room 202, 
The Department of Applied Material Science and Technology of Constructional Materials

Phone: +38 0542-64-09-49

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