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Anti-wear fusing of details by high-performance economically alloyed alloys.
(research manager: Candidate of Technological Sciences, Docent Alexander Lyubich and Candidate of Technological Sciences, Docent Marchenko Stanislav)

A department has own inventions in industry of anti-wear surfacing materials. Among them there is a anti-wear alloy, which is got by surfacing a powder conductor, does not contain expensive and scarce components and has high efficiency. A surfaced metal prevails for the abrasive hardness alloys of Sormayt-1, ЧХ28 (test for GOST 17367-71), and at cost, in 2-3 time of the cheaper noted materials.



Design, constructing and making of details from glass-fibre plastics and carbon-filled plastics.
(research manager: Candidate of Technological Sciences, Docent Marchenko Stanislav and Assistant Pavel Rudenko)

Due to unique combination of properties polymeric composition materials are used in different branches of national economy: from the corps of boats, edging of auto (glass-fibre plastic, carbon-filled plastic) to the frequent forms for casting of metallic and non-metal materials. Glass-fibre plastic is a technological material with the high specific indexes of strength for the receipt of details and wares of difficult form.

Among developments of department :
- project of demountable three-man boat, which in the aggregated state is the luggage rack of passenger car;
- external tyuning moto-transports;
- creation of glass-fibre plastic forms for casting of concrete, polymer concrete;
. creation of press-forms from composite materials for investment casting;
. repair of glass-fibre plastic and carbon-filled plastic wares;



•Diffusive metallization of steels and hard alloys.
(research manager: Candidate of Technological Sciences, Senior lecturer Andrey Degula, Candidate of Technological Sciences, Senior lecturer Nadezhda Kharchenko)

In modern industry when addressing issue of increasing of operating characteristic of machine parts, stamps and instruments development and implementation of new technological processes of deposition anti-wear coats is of great importance.
At present there are a lot of methods of causing which differ in composition, structure, density and complex of useful properties.



Research of electrophysical properties of film materials.
(research manager: candidate of phys.-mat. Sciences, Senior lecturer Tat'yana Hovorun)

Nano crystalline film materials such as single and multilayer films of metals and films with thin metallic or dielectric nano coating have a wide application in
nano technologies, modern microelectronics. Vacuum thin-film technologies using in creation of new nano crystalline and nano composition materials, elements of helioelectronics.



Designing new and improvement of quality existent powder materials.
(research manager: Candidate of Technological Sciences, Senior lecturer Oksana Gaponova )

One of scientific activity directions of Applied Material Science and Technology of constructional materials Department is designing new and improvement of quality of existent powder materials, researching changes of their properties as a result of further treatment (heat treatment, thermomechanical treatment), improvement of technologies of making of wares from powders, material science of powder and composition materials.



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