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Topicality of speciality





Topicality of speciality

Any successful construction is doomed to destruction when select material mismatches to external environments.
There are a lot of examples: quickly get blunted knives, broken instruments, details of machines and and so on.

Often when scientists, designers have made a certain invention, they are unable to realize it, till special materials will be created and technology is developed. It is the main task of material science.

The discipline «Technology of production and material processing» is taught by lecturers of department. When students are learning this discipline they get acquire knowledge on material technology, features of production billets and to their processing.

Polymeric materials are headed among modern machine-building materials.
When plastic using correct it substitute steel due to the unique complex of properties.

Already explosion engine have designed. It make of plastic - torlona, that allow substantially decrease his weight, reduce noise and promote a resource.

Special course of polymeric materials and polymer composites is taught to taught by lecturers of department, where students are getting knowledge and practical skills on application of plastics.



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